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Monday, 16 February 2009

Will next fiscal year be the ONE year I make more than I spend?

Man alive, I just tallied up my spending since April 08 and although the outgoings were significantly reduced from the year before (the year I bought my kiln, wheel and shed), I still managed to spend so much!!!

When I think back to all the experimentation and testing I worked through these past 12 months, I can see that a whole load of the cost went into raw materials. However, with these being relatively cheap, I can only think that clay for testing along with their extortionate delivery charges contributed to the cost. Add a few tools, a pottery materials shopping spree back home, a few magazine subs and organisation membership fees, I can see the value getting significantly higher.

The thing is, I haven't even been including the "rates" for firing the kiln and keeping that little shed of mine running with lights, electrical sockets and little heater. God knows how much that will add to!

Luckily, I have done all the research on how to calculate kilowatt per hour charges, I just need to do it. And seeing that it is very important to work out all my overheads, I'm gonna be doing that this month!

Without my teaching income from the past four years, earning a profit (hell, even breaking even) is a must this coming year. I feel confident that these past 12 months of exploration and development of ideas, glazes, decor, etc...has gotten me to a place where I can now start to bring these puppies "to the market", as it were.

So, off I go to begin taking over the world!!!!

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