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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow stopped everything!

Well almost everything......
A crazy blizzard hit London and we got dumped on. Buses, trains, work, tubes (well everything really) shut down and everyone stayed home yesterday!

It was a London I have never seen before, kids en masse outside having fun with snowball fights, families out laughing and playing in the snow, and Joe snowboarding! Brought back great memories from growing up in the Midwest.
Seeing that I have years of snow experience under my belt - I lit loads of candles and cuddled on the couch with the laptop and my Life in UK notes for my big test next week!
What a fab day!
What the snow did probably effect was my clay shipment - ugh. Will keep busy with other work though. Need to get together an outline for my website, prep my plaster moulds, load the kiln and work on an idea I have for a wall hanging..should keep me busy!
Hopefully clay will be here tomorrow.