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Thursday, 1 April 2010

You win some, you lose some...

January and February seem to be the big application months in pottery land.  As Christmas time is typically the biggest earning period of the year for most potters, the November and December shows are highly sought after, requiring a selection process well in advance of the event.  Deadlines for Christmas loom around Feb or March for the bigger shows, and May-June for the smaller affairs.
In all, I have applied to 9 shows thus far, with 4 others not having posted their apps online just yet.  So far, I've had 2 rejections and 3 acceptances...
For my first year at this, I'm happy.
The oddest thing for me is thinking about Christmas in March! From this moment forward I will be making Christmas specific items and building up stock in readiness for the winter madness (yeah, I'm assuming that if "I make it, they will come").
So, Merry Christmas all and enjoy the spring weather!

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  1. Hi Jamil, I LOVE your pottery and wondered if it is possible to buy something from you. I cannot seem to find your contact details or information anywhere..... I am particularly interested in something like the green bread bin I have seen on your flicker account. If you could send me your details to I will send you a picture and hopefully we can work something out. Many thanks!