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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Here I go....

Well, it's about time that I get onto the web and make some noise!
After thinking about it for some time, I decided to go ahead and learn how to create this blog (yes, I am very behind most people!).

It is Wednesday afternoon and rather than teaching today, I have a two week break and am trying to catch up on my "to do list". Now I can tick this blog off as mission accomplished!

My pots are sitting in the kiln and I am avoiding them like the plague. I am at a crossroads with my decoration - tired of my current glazes but unsure about what to do instead. If I'm honest with myself, I get so overwhelmed by the choices available for me to explore. I just keep having to tell myself that it is a process that I need to go through - of testing and exploring - to come to some decisions and be content with my designs.

So, enough blogging and avoiding that kiln - I'm off!

Oh, to end on a good note, Channel Five's The Wright Stuff came to Rosetta Arts Centre to film a shot of me throwing and teaching a guy how to throw a pot! It was completely surreal; I'm not sure how it will look, as it was all very rushed and I really didn't have a chance to actually show the guy all the steps properly.

The good thing is that the sketch is supposed to be a spoof - with the intention for the guy to mess up terribly and get clay all over him. He wanted the clay to fly everywhere, but when I thought about it, the clay slop doesn't really ever spray the upper body or the face that much. So I ended up having to chuck slop at his face outside the camera range to make it look messier. Besides getting some of it in his eye, he didn't look too upset!

Anyway, I hope the little video will promote Rosetta Arts Centre more as it is a great studio environment for adults to learn all sorts of art mediums. I hope to post the clip from the show next time!

The video will air on tomorrow's show which starts at 9am - hope some of you will catch it and tell me how it was (as I'll be at work and not able to watch it :( !!

That's it for now!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Jami,
    Your pots look great.
    Re your problem clay -I prepare porcelain by wedging alone -cutting in half and slamming down at least 10 times so you get 1024 layers. It gets rid of air bubbles and makes the porcelain workable (porcelain is thixotropic, so settles into a solid mass over time but is soft again when worked)
    Re TV -the same thing happened to me with radio 4. I was supposed to be on last night teaching Arthur Smith to throw but they cut my bit -very disappointing.